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Why You Need an Asbestos Attorney ?

Why You Need an Asbestos Attorney Who Specializes ?

Why You Need an Asbestos Attorney Who Specializes Only in Asbestos Cases ?
Your family doctor may be the greatest guy in the world. But would you want him performing open heart surgery on you? Probably not, right? You would want to be in the hands of a competent experienced specialist, in this example, a heart surgeon, trained to be an expert in this specific field of medicine. Likewise, if you need to bring an asbestos lawsuit to court, you need an attorney who is an expert in this specific area of law.

Why You Need an Asbestos Attorney Who Specializes ?Take my firm for example. We are good at what we do because that is all we do. We do not handle other types of personal injury cases. We only handle asbestos cases and have done so for almost 40 years. If you come to me tomorrow with a medical malpractice case, I will tell you who is the best attorney I think you should go to but I will not take the case.It wouldn’t be fair to you.

Let’s put it another way. If you go out to eat at a diner or café, the menu usually offers a little bit of everything. There’ll be steak, some kind of fish, a pasta dish and a maybe a quiche of the day. These will all fill you up and they will be okay, but they won’t be the best. If you want a really good steak, you go to a steakhouse. If you’re craving pasta, you go to an Italian restaurant. And for the best fish, you go to a seafood place not a diner. For fantastic French food, you’d go to a French restaurant.

Not everyone can do everything well. That’s just reality. Anyone who says he or she handles everything can’t be the best at anything. With luck, they’ll be okay. But just okay is not good enough for an asbestos case involving suffering and loss of human life. If you have a trusted family attorney who has helped you with your will or through a divorce, he or she may be a good source to start with to help you find a reliable asbestos attorney. But this would not be someone you should expect to take on your case.

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