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What is Child Support

What is Child Support ?

Child Support

Child Support refers to the amount of money that each parent is expected to pay for the support of a minor child or children. Child Support issues can be resolved in a Separation Agreement, or the issue can be resolved by a judge.

Most people think of child support as a payment from one parent to the other, and it is. It’s more complicated than that, though, as technically under the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, both parents have an obligation to support the child(ren). To determine the amount of each parent’s obligation in the typical case where one parent has primary physical custody and the other parent has visitation, both parents’ incomes are entered into a child support calculator, along with health insurance costs and workrelated childcare costs. The calculator then creates a worksheet where both parents’ obligation is listed. The lower number is subtracted from the higher number, and the result is the amount of child support that gets paid to the parent who has primary physical custod.

Child Support Lawyers

There are different custody scenarios, though, and thus there are three primary child support worksheets in North Carolina. Each calculates a child support payment based on various factors on a case-by-case basis.

A child support attorney can help ensure that your children are provided for properly and that neither party is being taken advantage of.

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