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Internet Searches for an Asbestos Attorneys

Internet Searches for an Asbestos Attorney

Have you ever been on vacation and stopped at a touristy shopping area? Where every merchant is frantically trying to get you to come into their store? That’s because if they don’t get you to come in, they have no chance of selling you something. It’s the same on the internet with asbestos attorney.

Internet Searching

The internet ads that flood your computer if you type in “asbestos attorney” or “mesothelioma attorney,” will yield a mixed bag of results. Along with a handful of websites for the relatively small number of attorneys in the U.S. who excel in mesothelioma cases, there will be many sites for “attorneys” who really are case brokers all too eager to profit at the expense of someone who is suffering from an illness and does not know how to find a good attorney for his case.

Who is the best Asbestos Attorney?They may have a law license but don’t really have litigation skills or staff- they will sell your case to a “real lawyer” for a fee. Also be aware that a website that appears to be a mesothelioma information website could be just a front for a hungry mesothelioma “lawyer”. The website may even state that it is run by a nonprofit and have a “dot org” – nonprofit organizations’ website names end in .org instead of .com – attached to its name.

Any disclosure that it is really a commercial website created to catch new customers for a law firm is only evident in tiny print; probably not even on the website’s main page. The site might be loaded with goodies for you just like the witch’s gingerbread house that enticed Hansel and Gretel. Only here the goodies the site may claim to offer include patient advocates, patients’ stories and special assistance to help veterans, not candy.

Often these phony websites provide a live chat option or a live phone call option, again with the appearance of being a neutral information resource for those concerned about asbestos disease. In truth, they are nothing but a marketing tool used by “lawyers” to capture people’s interest and keep them from looking elsewhere on the web for legitimate lawyers. The people running the site may not be real lawyers. They may just be salespeople who will sell your case to someone for 50% of the final fee the attorney may charge you.

Lawyers and brokers who use fake dot org websites hide who they are. They may call their sites mesothelioma center or mesothelioma assistance center or something like that to keep you from going elsewhere. As long as you are on their site, they’ve got a shot at getting your business just like the tourist trap shopkeeper. If a client/attorney relationship starts out in a lie why would you expect it to get any better? Carefully read through all the legal information a lawyer provides on their website. Lawyers who provide good thorough information are more likely to be legitimate asbestos attorneys who will be a good fit for your needs. But distrust lawyers who say little more than “I can get you millions right away — trust me.” Take it from me, don’t.

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