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HOW TO Choose the Right Car Accident Lawyer

HOW TO Choose the Right Car Accident Lawyer ?

Car Accident Lawyer

You must always be ready for the worst

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed, though. Take the time to research the best car accident lawyer with these tips. No one plans on getting injured in a car wreck. However, when and if the worst does happen, you should be prepared. Securing the best support system possible is critical, whether you suffered a broken bone, severe whiplash, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury. You must act fairly quickly in order to secure the professional legal assistance you need to get compensation for your medical bills, chiropractic care, time off work, etc. There is a very large monetary burden associated with hospital stays, therapy and medical bills—especially if you face years trying to recover.


A successful car accident lawyer is one with the resources to get the job done right. For the highest chance of receiving a fair settlement, consider law firms that are well-staffed, well-financed and well-established. An investigation of a car accident requires the use of forensic tools, safety analyses, and development of a network of medical professionals to calculate damages. Without the vast resources that this requires, your case will be under-prepared and you may very well lose out on compensation.

car accident lawyer reputation


You can’t always measure a car accident lawyer solely by the number of successful cases or the total amount of settlements. You have to take a good look at their reputation in the community, with other car accident lawyers, and amongst insurance adjusters. These are all equally important when evaluating their track record.

Look for attorneys who are well-known and well-respected by fellow lawyers and judges.

Look for attorneys who are well-known and well-respected by fellow car accident lawyers and judges. Are they invited to speak on legal topics across the region or country? Have they demonstrated an ability to relentlessly commit to excellence and to their clients’ claims?

Remember: working with a personal injury lawyer—especially one with an outstanding reputation—can boost the size of your settlement amount by a big margin. Insurance adjusters are much less likely to take you seriously when they see you aren’t assisted by an attorney. An inexperienced attorney can be just as detrimental to your case, so experience counts too.

Be on the lookout for a proven history of six-and-seven-figure verdicts or settlements, especially if you have a big case plagued by serious injuries and recovery times.

Support System

Starting with family and friends, use your support system to see which attorney you should go with. They are the most reliable sources available to you, followed by online reviews and just good old-fashioned research. Car accident lawyers abound, but they don’t all come with the same high qualifications. There is no way around doing your due diligence. Whether you get personal recommendations from someone you know who has had to hire a car accident attorney in the past or you sit down with a lawyer for a free consultation, the one you ultimately settle on can make or break your whole case.

Compile a checklist of qualities you want to see in each

It can be overwhelming when it comes to compiling all the information you need and keeping it all straight. Come up with a short list of attorneys to call. Then compile a checklist of qualities you want to see in each. Be on the lookout for:


  • Number of settlements and verdicts, how much, average length of cases, etc.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Several years of experience in the same general location
  • Level of skill, education and track record
  • Passionate, dependable work ethic
  • Quick return of phone calls
  • Accessibility and responsiveness to clients
  • Professionalism throughout all levels, from support staff to paralegals to lawyers
  • Attentiveness to all questions and answers
  • Reasonable rates (most don’t ask for payment till you win)

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