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Fist Time Dwi Offense

Dwi First Offense

Just pleading guilty to a DWI, not fighting the charges and not hiring an attorney who is capable of defending these serious charges will really set an individual up for problems in the future. It can be loss of a current job and the loss of the potential or future employment. Someone’s current employer might not terminate the individual for having a DWI conviction, however, if the person ever wants to switch jobs and his next potential employer performs a criminal background check and sees a DWI conviction, he might not be selected for that job over someone else who doesn’t have a criminal record.

Having a DWI conviction can actually affect someone’s earning potential throughout the rest of his or her life including through loan and credit card applications and even apartment rental applications. There are many different areas that can be affected by having a criminal
conviction for a DWI.

Additionally, a DWI conviction can affect one’s driver’s license, of course. He or she might have to drive to meet probation requirements and will have to take off from work or school to do community service hours or probation. A DWI conviction can have long lasting effects that never go away. People commonly say it will go away after 10 years. Wrong. A DWI conviction is permanent. It never goes away. It will never come off someone’s record unless by some chance he or she knows the Governor of Texas and he grants a pardon; but most people do not!

Any conviction for DWI stays on an individual’s record forever. This should be the motivation to hire the best DWI attorney out there to fight the charges and try to keep it a clean criminal record.

Costs Associated With A First Time DWI Conviction

First DUI Offense

Fines for a first time DWI conviction range from $2,000, to $4,000, or even $10,000 depending if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony conviction. Additionally, individuals will also have to pay for an identification card, the costs for urinalysis drug tests and court fees.

Additionally, there are monthly interlock fees which are approximately $90 a month. For probation on a first offense DWI, the costs can be anywhere from $300 or $400 a month just for misdemeanor probation. In Texas there is also a $1,000 a year surcharge to DPS for 3 years.

This can become very expensive and most people don’t like the idea, thinking they are just going to shell out another $400 or $500 a month for the next year for all of the costsinvolved. Additionally, someone convicted of DWI will most likely face an increase in his car insurance which can sometimes double for up to three years or they will drop you completely. Lastly, as discussed previously, a DWI conviction can cause job loss which can all cost someone money who may become unemployable or may have to take a take a different job for less pay.

The list is long and the effects are very damaging. Often people think, “I know I did this and I’m not going to fight it.”

But, once they start thinking about all of the reasons and all the ways it can affect you down the road, it changes people’s minds about just pleading guilty. It doesn’t mean anyone is getting away with anything if the case can be won. It’s not about getting around the conviction or cheating the system. That’s not at all what it’s about



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