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Do I need an attorney for my New York truck accident claim?

The need for an attorney in a New York truck accident claim will depend on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. Most truck accident claims that involve minimal damage and no injuries can be handled without an attorney. If there is significant damage or serious injuries, an injury lawyer may be necessary.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your New York Truck Accident Claim

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident in New York, this can be a more complicated type of case than your average personal injury claim. This is because not only are you dealing with the liability of the truck driver but you may also be entitled to hold the trucking company that employs the driver liable for your injuries.

You are more likely to obtain a higher settlement if you have the help of an injury lawyer. An injury lawyer can thoroughly evaluate your case to determine the extent of your injuries and estimate how much compensation you may be entitled to receive. If you proceed with a claim, your attorney will fight to help you get a full and fair amount.

The trucking company will likely want to settle quickly and for a low amount. Rushing a claim after a truck accident in New York isn’t to your advantage. An injury lawyer will take the time that is necessary to help collect adequate evidence to build a solid and substantial case.

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