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Bicycle Accidents

A car is not the only way to travel on the road. Bicycles are a common alternative to driving a vehicle and can be used recreationally or for transportation purposes. Though these instruments promote health and physical fitness, they can prove to be dangerous when used on the open road. Most other vehicles are not sure of how to interact with bikes. The category under which they fall is unclear to most people. Are bicyclists classified as pedestrians or are they on the same level as motorists? Who has the right- of-way when a bike is involved? Uncertainty in these areas when combined with careless or negligent driving can lead serious Bicycle accidents.
Types of Accidents
We represent people who have had the misfortune of suffering personal injuries or property damage because they were involved with a collision involving bicycles, many of the collisions involve:
• Automobiles
• Trucks
• Drunk Drivers
• Hit and Run Drivers
• Uninsured and under-insured drivers
• SUV’s
• Semi-tractor trailers
The injuries you suffer as a result of these bicycle accidents can be difficult to endure for both you and your family. There are a variety of damages that often occur in these incidents, such as:
•Burns to the head or neck
•Broken or dislocated bones and limbs
•Nerve damage

Bicycle Accident Statistics

bicycle accident
According to NHTSA, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, statistics show that around 630 pedacyclists were killed in the year 2009. Furthermore, over 51,000 more individuals were injured in a traffic collision with a car, truck or another type of motorized vehicle. Pedacyclists include any individual on a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or any other non-motorized bike.
Non-motorized vehicle accidents make up a mere 2% of all traffic collisions. Though this appears to be a small number, the type of injuries that result are often far more severe than other traffic accidents due to the unprotected nature of padacyclists. With your help and proper safety precautions, we can continue to decrease the number of fatalities and traffic accidents with bicycles!

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