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7 Step Guide to Find a Qualified Personal injury Lawyer

7 Step Guide to Find a Qualified Personal injury Lawyer

1. Use your network to find a personal injury lawyeruse your network to find a personal injury lawyer

Your network is made up of the people you know and the people they know.
• Ask the people you trust in your personal network (your relatives, friends, and work colleagues) if they have used Personal injury lawyers. Would they recommend anyone?
• Then ask if they know people who have used Personal injury lawyers and what their experience was like.
Your network may give you a couple of recommendations to begin your research. Searching online is an easy next step.

2. Search online to find a personal injury lawyer

Search online to find a personal injury lawyer

Try some standard web searches.
• Be sure to check out the websites of the injury lawyers recommended by your network. But it’s also a good idea to search for other injury lawyers online.
• Start with a general search. Enter a term like “injury lawyer [your location]”. Smaller communities don’t necessarily have injury lawyers, so substitute in the name of a large city near you, such as “injury lawyer Edmonton” . Keep the page with the results open and start a new search on another browser page.
• Now, search for the injury you experienced. Your search term might now be “spinal cord injury lawyer Edmonton”. Again, keep the page with the search results open.
• Next, search for the type of accident you experienced. Your search term might now be “head on highway accidents injury lawyer Edmonton”.
Try a couple of variations of your search terms to make sure you have a good range of results. For instance, you may see different lawyer websites listed if you search for “personal injury lawyer edmonton” instead of “injury lawyer edmonton” or for “spinal injury lawyer edmonton” instead of “spinal cord injury lawyer edmonton”.
Which lawyers show up consistently in each of your searches? Create a list of those injury lawyers as ones you want to know more about. Below, I explain how to understand your search results.

3. Understand search results

REPORT - Understand search results
Illustration of data analysis

I will limit my comments here to a Google search, since it is by far the most popular search engine in Alberta. The results of your search, of course, depend on your search term. The description below assumes you include a term like “injury lawyer” in your search.
• At the top of the search results page, you will see ads, mainly from various injury law firms.
• Next you will see a map with locations of various injury law firms.
• Under the map, you will find contact information and links to the injury lawyer websites. You may also see a number of stars, which represent the review ranking for the lawyer on its Google business page.
• Click the stars, to learn more about the injury lawyer. Along with a list of more injury lawyers and a larger version of the Google map, you will see information from the lawyer’s Google business page.
• Check out the scrolling list of Google reviews for that injury lawyer.
• Below the Google map and listing of law firms, you will see a list of injury lawyers. The list is the actual results of your search. They are listed based on a Google algorithm and your search term.
• As a general rule, plan to look more carefully at the websites of the first 5-10 lawyers listed in the search results for each of your search terms. They will often be the same injury lawyers.
• Check out the websites of the injury lawyers that appeal to you.
• As you browse through the websites, create a shortlist of the 2-3 injury lawyers you think are best suited to your case. If you prefer, you may want to complete a more detailed review of the sites before you create your shortlist.

4. Know what to look for on an injury lawyer’s website

For each shortlisted injury lawyer, look for the following information.
To keep track of the information, feel free to download and use this table: Edmonton Injury Lawyer Website Checklist. The table includes my information and room for 2 other lawyers.
• Name of practice
• Phone number
• Location
• Area served
• Number of years in practice
• Will you work directly with the injury lawyer or will different lawyers in the firm work with you depending on the stage of your case?
• Number of cases handled
• Experience with different types of injuries
• Experience with different types of accidents
• Does the injury lawyer represent insurance companies and defendants who caused the accidents or only injury victims?
• How experienced is the injury lawyer in dealing with insurance companies?
• Will the injury lawyer fight the insurance company to make sure you receive fair compensation?
• If needed for your case, does the injury lawyer have an experienced team of injury law experts?
• Will the injury lawyer pay the costs of these experts until you receive your settlement or judgement at trial?
• Does the injury lawyer charge a flat contingency fee or graduated contingency fee?
• Do clients offer testimonials for the injury lawyer and what do they tell you?
• To which law societies does the injury lawyer belong?
• How do you set up a free consultation meeting?
• How long will your free consultation meeting last?
• Does the injury lawyer provide resources to help you prepare for your free injury lawyer consultation?
If you are considering a lawyer recommended by your network, remember to see if the reviews and testimonials match what your network told you.

5. Check law society records for the injury lawyer

In Alberta, contact the Law Society of Alberta to see if a personal injury lawyer is in good standing.

6. Personal injury lawyer

On an personal injury lawyer’s website, you are most likely to see reviews the injury lawyer wants to show you. Nonetheless they will probably give you a good sense of what the lawyer is like to work with. Independent reviews, like those on Google business pages, are independent. They may provide you with real insight. They may be fair. Or not. Just remember that online reviews express personal opinions.
Here are some possible sources for online reviews:
• I deal with Google reviews above. You have to search for each injury lawyer on your shortlist to find the reviews, but it is worth looking. Here are Joseph A. Nagy reviews.
• Lawyer Lookup Here are Joseph A. Nagy reviews.
• Three Best Rated The link will take you to the results for personal injury lawyers in Edmonton.
Some social networks also offer reviews. I will add to this list over time.

7. Choose the injury lawyer you think is right for you

By now, you may be pretty sure about the lawyer you think you want to handle your case. You will still want to consider whether the lawyer is a good fit for you personally. Remember, you will be relying on your personal injury lawyer to obtain the maximum fair compensation possible for your injury.
When you are ready, start with the first injury lawyer on your shortlist and call to set up a free consultation. Then call your other shortlisted injury lawyers.
Only you can answer these questions
• Does the lawyer sound like he/she wants to help you? Does the injury lawyer explain things in a way that you can understand?
• Does the lawyer seem like someone you can talk with?
• Behind the ads and sales pitch, do you think the lawyer will be interested in you – and want to help you?
• Do you think the injury lawyer will want to help you even if your case may not result in a large insurance payment?
Does the injury lawyer offer any free resources to help you deal with your injury claim?

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