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3 Critical Mistakes Personal Injury Lawyers

3 Critical Mistakes Personal Injury Lawyers

Memorial Day, is the day we bestow honor to our war heroes, the fallen ones and those who were still here, living out their life with the shocking memories of the battlefield. And with the GIs on mind, as they are famously called, the first thing that comes to our mind is the women and men who did service to the country all the way but failed to receive what was promised to them. Personal injury lawyers

In this article, the topics we will discuss is about military veterans who were injured and lost thousands of dollars in a lawsuit. The main reason is not premeditated, but it is because some inexperienced personal injury lawyers failed to pinpoint appended legitimized claims and remunerative losses that military veterans are entitled to accrue when they become victims of accidents which cause them personal injury and suffering.

In other states, some personal injury lawyers neglected the necessarily appended claims that are crucial for the settlement of the cases of the veterans. However, in North Carolina, hundred percent guaranteed, the Stokes Personal Injury Lawyers has more than enough expertise in handling cases like Personal Injury, particularly, for the war veterans.

Getting back to our main topic, hereunder detailed are three mistakes personal injury lawyers make when they represent cases of veterans who is confronted with claims for their injuries and pain and suffering of which mistakes hurt the veterans. This is being discussed with the intention of sharing this dilemma with lawyers and calling their attention so that the profession gets more first-hand information and better education on how U.S. military and veterans can receive an enormous amount of what they are entitled to received given the correct claim information.

Sadly, the problem lies on some lawyers who lacks know-how on unique benefits that military veterans are entitled to because numerous of these lawyers have not been educated or do not have backgrounds in the military. Due to the incapacity of lawyers to comprehend the holistic outline of benefits the veterans received, lawyers are not attuned to scrutinizing all cases that involve U.S. military personnel and veterans regarding the amount of U.S. compensation for the military.

Hereunder are three critical, though common, mistakes of unschooled lawyers with car accident cases involving the military and war veterans:

  1. Lawyers fail to comprehend that U.S. military embodies ‘National Guard’ and ‘U.S. Army reserves’. Guard members and Reservists not only are entitled to lots of benefits as ‘still on active duty troops,’ but they are also included in additional economic benefits.
  2. Lawyers look at the cases as ordinary civil cases involving car accidents with military claimants – not cases of the military and war veterans.
  3. Lawyers fail to understand the destitution of a military career can be a catastrophic financial loss that civilians are not privileged to due to exceptional benefits that the U.S. government awards to the services of the veterans and the military en masse.

This is what hurts most the military and veterans, who is being represented by unschooled lawyers and failed to succeed in the court proceedings in settling their case. An enormous financial loss for the military and veterans would have been thwarted if only the lawyers did their part of exploring more information on what are the entitlements when it comes to personal injuries.

Lawyers must take into consideration the following catastrophic financial losses. The indemnification of the military and war veterans includes:

  • Basic pay (compensation by ranks and years of service);
  • Exceptional pay (parachutist, aviation, etc.);
  • Allowances that are non-taxable (food, housing);
  • Retirement pay (a lifetime “defined benefits” plan that are fine-tuned for inflation); and
  • Medical insurance benefit for families (exceptional benefit because it is small or no cost to service members).

Qualitative calculation

Let us calculate the financial losses correctly. Here is a quick run-through on the financial losses for military and veteran members:

  • Qualitative calculation: Delineate pre-injury cases to accurately predetermined the career course, but for injury.
  • Quantitative calculation: Graphic display of presumable career, which can include:

-Rank promotion (using statistics service);

– Amount of length of service before retirement (Exceptional calculation for National Guards and Reservists);

– Retirement benefits projected that were reduced or lost; and the cost of military health insurance replacement.

The takeaway for lawyers in handling car accident cases for military members and war veterans, Reservists and National Guards is to take note that cases like these can inculpate catastrophic economic, financial losses that are not awarded to ordinary civilians.

The lawyers must have to work hand in hand with economists who are much well aware of these unique benefits, or you can hire special military experts/lawyers like Stoke Personal Injury lawyers, who can affirm how he should have been entitled to receive if he was not injured by the car.

Always remember, the lawyer is carrying the briefcase of proof. Which means all the needed elements of the damages must be supported in the court proceedings. These legal proofs and elements usually include the following:

  • “Quality” of service for pre-injury;
  • Particular nature of required service for injury; and
  • Computations of immediate and future economic loss based on the law and length of service regulations which includes:
  • Salaries and allowances,
  • Retirement benefit, and
  • Medical insurance benefits for military and veterans.


These mistakes of some lawyers have been going on for years, and it is gravely affecting and hurting the members of the military and war veterans. Some of them expose their dilemma with lawyers in social media channels and media. However, nothing has been done to alleviate their ‘pains and suffering’ regarding the miscalculation of the entitlements they should have received.

In furtherance, the military and war veterans, are treated as ordinary citizens when they become victims of accidents when in fact they have done exceptional service for the country more than what an average American citizen do. This is just making accurate their perception; the government system failed to give what they need in accordance with what they have given for their country.

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